21 Ways To Market Your Book on Amazon

I’d like to share with you a wonderful resource that my friend and colleague (Shelley Hitz, the Self-Publishing Coach, http://www.self-publishing-coach.com), just recently finished . . . Shelley authored the book: “Marketing Your Book on Amazon” and is currently available on Amazon Kindle.

There is a large number of authors and publishers that do not realize the importance of using Amazon’s tools and resources to market their books.

Amazon is one of the most utilized methods of creating a Bestselling book. However, a vast majority of authors (and yes, even publishers) under-utilize the full potential of Amazon’s tools and resources.

For a book on Amazon to get the maximum amount of exposure, the author and or publisher must utilize Amazon’s extensive supply of tools and resources.

If an author decides to model their strategy similar to what Bestselling authors do (involving what they do via Amazon), he/she will learn how to Optimize Amazon for Maximum Sales.

Shelley Hitz’s book provides the necessary tools to help authors and or publishers understand what is required to optimize an Amazon Book Detail Page in order to Maximize sales and as a result, increase the opportunity of a bestselling book.

How useful do you think it would be if you had the ability to market and promote your book on Amazon just like any Traditional or Big 6 Publisher could?

Pretty powerful stuff huh? It’s time to ‘level the playing field’.

By reading, learning and putting into action all of the strategies that Shelley shares in her book, authors and publishers (and yes, indie-publishers & self-publishers) will be able to Optimize Amazon for Maximum Sales using the same methods that Bestselling authors/publishers capitalize on to market their books effectively.

How would you like to increase the opportunity of introducing your book to a larger group of people searching for your type of book in your genre/niche?

You can . . . by learning the strategies from within Shelley’s book. By taking advantage of as many tools and resources Amazon makes available for free, any author and or publisher has the ability to to market and promote their book with maximum effectiveness.

If an author and or publisher chooses NOT to utilize all of Amazon’s tools and or resources effectively, they in effect will be limiting their opportunity to sell more books!

So if you are interested in learning 21 Ways To Market Your Book on Amazon, then check out Shelley’s book (click on the book image or the link below).


Disclaimer: This review/endorsement of Shelley’s book is voluntary, the link provided above is not an affiliate link (it’s a direct link to Amazon Kindle) – so I’m NOT getting paid or WILL NOT receive any monetary contributions for sharing this information.

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