5 Ways to Have Your eBook Done By Next Friday

Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards

Recently I had the pleasure of attending Dvorah Lansky’s 4th Annual Book Marketing Conference Online. This year’s theme was: “Digital Publishing Virtual Summit”.

Dvorah brought together authors, writers, publishers, speakers, coaches, VAs, entrepreneurs, and book marketing experts from all around the world & provided participants an opportunity to listen, learn and interact with the speakers.

The first expert speaker of the conference was Jim Edwards. He talked about several ways to create eBook content quickly, talked about several methods of how to create eBooks and shared tips, tricks and resources that he’s personally used while publishing dozens of his own eBooks.

So If you missed Jim Edward’s presentation, here’s a brief synopsis:

Jim shared ”5 Ways to Have Your eBook Done By Next Friday.” They were:

  1. Convert your existing material into an eBook.
  2. Complete a written interview with an expert.
  3. Complete an audio interview with an expert.
  4. Hire a ghost writer.
  5. Create a “recipe” or “step” program.

You can read/learn more about this here:


Not sure where to start? Jim suggests following his #1 Action Step here:


If you used any of these methods, feel free to share what you did by leaving your comments/reply below. What method did you use & was it effective?

It’s possible you may still attend the free workshops by listening in live to the scheduled sessions. There are also replays of each session for up three hours. However, if you miss the sessions or cannot attend the summit/conference, you still have the opportunity to become a gold or platinum member which provides you with access to all session recordings, and more! To learn more about how you can get access to this “evergreen” resource, use the following link: http://tinyurl.com/Digital-Publishing-Conference


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  • Britt Peck

    Hey! I noticed the book marketing alliance website links weren’t working. Do you happen to know the correct ones? thank you!

    • Hi Britt – thanks for reading the post. Unfortunately, this post was written back in 2012, so I’m not surprised the link is no longer active. However, if you’d still like to get your hands on the original interview/info, you’ll find that the individual who organized the Digital Marketing Conference has packaged this subject (including many more) into a paid product. You’ll find that information here, check out: http://www.bookmarketingmadeeasy.com/our-programs/ then scroll down to: “Top 20 Greatest Book Marketing Hits” and click on the link. You’ll find Jim Edwards interview: “5 Ways To Have Your eBook Done By Next Friday” there, including 19 other expert interviews in MP3 audio recordings/downloads. Hope this helps. 🙂