What is an Author Platform?

All of us whether we are authors, artists, coaches, speakers, etc., have something valuable to offer. You have an experience to share, you have a story to tell, you have a service to offer, you have a message to share. Yet it’s a challenge to get the attention necessary to reach those we want to help in order to make an impact and/or make a difference in their lives.

Train Platform

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Perhaps you’ve never thought about writing being part of a business, that it involves marketing, platform & audience building. This requires that each of us find ways to find our tribe, attract the attention of our audience, expanding our reach & perhaps creating additional income doing what we love.

Self-Evaluate Your Author Platform With These 25 Questions

It’s 2016 . . . ! Thank you for joining my community. It means more to me than you know!

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I’ve been told from folks within this community (the same community you are part of as a reader of this blog), that I’m very generous with my time and willing to assist those in need of help. I’d have to agree that that is a pretty good observation/assessment. Here is a comment from a member of our audience:

Eric is a rare mentor for self-publishing authors who is a subject matter expert on self-publishing and open to share secrets he has learned along the way. What makes Eric Van Der Hope amazing is his generosity to mentor new authors without making us feel ignorant, with complete patience. He is also a master with social media and all marketing mediums and uses it with honesty so you can trust him and his advice.” – Sudha Jamthe (author of “The Internet of Things Business Primer”)

I’m humbled … but most important I’m extremely happy that I’ve been able to add clarity for folks that want to share their message and ultimately make an impact on their audience.

7 Steps to Developing an Effective Author Platform

"The Pen-monkey’s Guide to Building Exposure!"

One does not obtain a creative writing degree simply because they need it. They get one because they want it, because it will be like it says on the brochure, hopefully teach them how to write a highly successful non-fiction/fiction book. But as an author, you don’t just get on the paying side of the fence just like that.

7 Steps to Developing an Effective Author Platform

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In the digital age we live in, building a pure and wonderful relationship with others has also become equally important. So, how does one get there?

What is an Author’s Platform and How Do You Build One?

Having a ‘platform’ is often times hard to explain, but publishers and agents prefer that authors have one.

A Definition of Author Platform

Jane FriedmanDid you know that the success of your book depends on how well you’ve developed your author platform? So what does it mean to create/build an author platform?

Well, it’s not about self-promotion or bringing attention to yourself & it’s certainly not something you can create overnight.

An author and or publisher can establish an author platform by using any number of things such as visibility, authority, proven reach & target audience.