6 Marketing Tips To Launching Your Book

A book launching campaign can be a bit intimidating. What many people fail to realize is that only after the book is written does the real work begin-when it’s finally published.

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Nevertheless, a book launching can be an exciting and memorable step in your career and with a little help, you should be able to introduce your book to the world easily and with the greatest response. Pick a date to officially release your book and consider employing some or all of the techniques below to make your book launching a success.

Author 101 University (March 7-10, 2013 – Los Angeles)

It’s time, Rick Frishman & his team at Author 101 University have arrived in Los Angeles. As always there will be a great line-up of speakers, literary agents, and publishers! Will you be there?


Here’s the last updated list of experts that’ll be there to share their wisdom:

21 Ways To Market Your Book on Amazon

I’d like to share with you a wonderful resource that my friend and colleague (Shelley Hitz, the Self-Publishing Coach, http://www.self-publishing-coach.com), just recently finished . . . Shelley authored the book: “Marketing Your Book on Amazon” and is currently available on Amazon Kindle.

There is a large number of authors and publishers that do not realize the importance of using Amazon’s tools and resources to market their books.

Amazon is one of the most utilized methods of creating a Bestselling book. However, a vast majority of authors (and yes, even publishers) under-utilize the full potential of Amazon’s tools and resources.

Start Marketing Your Book Even Before It Is Done

Lisa Shultz

Lisa Shultz

It’s never too early/soon to start marketing your book . . . so develop and implement a marketing plan months before the launch of your book. I’ll go as far as suggesting your marketing should begin when you first put pen to paper!

However, marketing doesn’t stop once the the book has been released, but requires consistent attention well after.

The following article from Lisa Shultz titled: “Start Marketing Your Book Even Before It Is Done” discusses this further.

It’s a great read and hope you feel worthy of sharing this with your friends and or fans: