Meet me at JV Alert Live – San Diego!

Ken McArthur

Ken McArthur

It’s Time . . . ! I’d like to invite you to join/meet me at Ken McArthur’s JV Alert Live #JVAL in San Diego – this weekend! 🙂

Many of you guys probably already read my post from last month . . . so this is simply a reminder.

For those of my friends who missed it – feel free to read my blog on the details. This is a great opportunity to meet/network in order to collaborate on future projects.

What’s cool is that Ken is allowing his attendees to ‘give away’ 2 free tickets to attend his event – so I’m giving away tickets to the first 2 friends that wish to attend. If you think you can be there, keep reading and I’ll reveal how you can get your tickets for free . . .

Powerful Message For Kids Authored by 12-Year Old

Jack's Book Cover

Jack James

Today I am helping out my 12 year old friend, Jack James. I met him and his mother Ann at Author 101 University in Los Angeles a ways back. Although he has a learning disability, this didn’t thwart him from standing up and talking in front of a crowd of 150+ people. It was brave!

Anyways, he wrote a book (published just a couple days ago so it’s hot off the press) for kids, and I’d like to tell you about it!

His kid-to-kid book is the story of how he overcame being bullied and his learning disability. He explores how he started his own business and encourages other kids to do the same.

You see, Jack is on a mission. He wants to rid the world of bullies and fill it with kid entrepreneurs! He wants to arm kids with bully-proof self-esteem so when they run into people who put them down, they can stand up and say, “Enough!” Cool huh!? 😉

His story of inspiration would be great for many young people.

Don’t you agree that we need to teach our kids life skills so they can survive in any economy?

My goal (& others by doing their part) are trying to spread his story of courage and perseverance.

Jack’s other goal is to become a best-selling author, so with my help and hopefully yours, he’ll reach this milestone!

If you know a kid who is age 7 – 13 (maybe your own or perhaps you know of another young person) who could benefit from words of encouragement and needs to be empowered to be great, this would be a perfect gift!

For the cost of 2 Starbucks cups of coffee (you’re kidding me right!?), you can help make my friend Jack’s dream come true!

Check it out:

The Advantage of Purchasing a Membership Site Instead of Building Your Own

Membership SiteI’d like you to use your “internet business calculator” for just a few minutes to add up some totals that are going to shock you.

Huh . . . !? What’s that? An “Internet business calculator” is a fancy way of saying “add these up in your head” 🙂

How long do you think it would take you to . . .

  • Research and choose a profitable niche
  • Determine an “in-demand” topic for a membership site
  • Write a professional sales letter
  • Research topics for member content
  • Write an entire YEAR’s worth of member content
  • Develop your marketing materials (presell report, articles, solos, etc.)
  • Create accessory pages for downloading, auto responder messages, etc.

Okay. Add the hours up and click the = button. What’s your total? How long would it take you to do the work?

Conservatively you’re looking at 100 hours. I mean, if you spent just TWO hours per week creating member content you’re on the hook for 104 hours for the year’s worth of member content.

So, let’s just say on the low end that you spend 100 hours. It’s probably going to be more than that, but we’ll keep it conservative.

Now, that’s 100 hours of WORK. That doesn’t include writer’s block, delays, mistakes, fine-tuning, your day job, etc. It will likely take WEEKS (if not months) to actually get those 100 hours of work DONE.

BUILDING a membership site SOUNDS GREAT, but it often isn’t anything but great.

For a lot of people it’s a frustrating, never-ending endeavor that they simply don’t complete. The idea of regular, monthly residual income is wonderful. Getting those automatic rebills to the account each month gives you stable income and a sense of security among other things.

But getting the darn thing “live” and taking orders can be a chore!

That’s why BUYING a membership site is a nice alternative to BUILDING one. That’s why I’m super excited to tell you about Jimmy D. Brown’s new Membership To Go package!

Membership To Go is exactly what it sounds like: a complete “ready-go-to” membership site that you slap your name on and setup at your site. You get private label rights to a year’s worth of membership content, a professionally written sales letter, presell report, articles and other marketing materials, etc. Everything you need to get started immediately!

That’s right, you get “private label rights” (PLR) to the entire package so you can put your own name on it and sell it as your own!

And Yessss . . . there will be bonuses, but HURRY because Jimmy isn’t offering them for long. He is offering a “fast action” bonus that THOUSANDS of other people have paid $324 to buy from him, and he’ll be including them for free if you’re among the first to order.

Get the details now at:

All the training you need to setup the Membership To Go package is included – but only if you order quickly to qualify for the fast action bonus. If you miss out on the bonus you’ll be responsible for learning how to set everything up on your own.

Niche Insights #3 – Internet Making Tremendous Impact on Niche Marketing

Believe it or not, as I mentioned before, the notion of niche marketing is fairly old but it is gaining new significance in the world thanks largely to the development of electronic commerce (e-Commerce) via the internet.

Think for a moment about what the internet is allowing the modern world to do and you can immediately begin to see the connection to niche marketing.

Actually, you don’t have to run a business online to be a successful niche marketer; however – these days, running a business online is not only easy, it tends to be pretty cost-effective as well!

The internet opens up the whole world!

People in Europe can connect instantly with people in the United States, Australia, Africa, Asia. Virtually anywhere, with anyone, so long as there is an internet connection and some kind of console, such as a computer or even a mobile cell phone or PDA system that allows an internet hook-up.

By bringing people together like this, the internet effectively tears down or negates the geographical borders between individuals around the world.

Someone interested in Star Wars and who lives in Asia can connect in seconds to someone else with the same interests virtually anywhere in the world!

Everyone is unique, with their own unique set of needs and interests, but the internet, in particular, makes specialist knowledge more accessible to individuals in general.

It also draws together existing niche markets, people with special interests, and provides businesses with a means of reaching significant numbers without having to spread their business out over a large area.

At the end of the day, niche marketing is about targeting. The internet makes the target market larger, more accessible, but the principles are the same whether you are developing a niche market business online or offline.