Niche Insights #2 – Discover Your Niche by Using Your Expertise, Hobby or Passion

Ask almost any successful person about their career choice and they’ll probably tell you that they are doing exactly what they dreamed of doing for much of their life, or, at the very least, if they didn’t have that much foresight growing up, they are at least doing the only think they can imagine wanting to do for the rest of their life.

Job satisfaction, or, perhaps more accurately, career satisfaction, is a key component to personal success. That doesn’t just mean financial success, of course, because perhaps you want desperately to be a teacher. Most teachers aren’t well paid but that doesn’t mean to say all teachers are destined to be frustrated with their professional lives. Quite the contrary.

Combining your talents, hobbies, interests, and passions, and incorporating them into your profession; this is a very powerful step towards becoming a happy and whole human being.

It may sound a little weird, but at the end of the day, personal happiness makes a difference to a life in so many ways.

These niche insights will present you with just about all the information you need to set up a successful business targeting a market niche related, one way or another, to you; what you know or do best. However, before we begin to look at what you need to do to set up a successful business, it’s as well to consider a few points about what not to do (we’ll get to that later).

If you are not totally familiar with what a niche is, here ya’ go – it’s small but potentially profitable market segments for which it is possible to design and provide a form of custom-made products or specialized services. It’s also an activity that is ideally suited to a particular person, group of people, or personality type.

This is one of the reasons why you you should first look for a niche within yourself by looking at what your stengths are, what is your expertise, what are your interests, what is your passion . . . ?

Niche Insights #1 – Niche Marketing Can Be a Lucrative Business

This’ll be an endeavor to share with you what I’ve learned over the past 8-10 years relating to business, specifically in Niche Marketing and hope these tips, techniques, strategies & thoughts will inspire you to reach new heights/goals in your own business. If you come away from these insights with perhaps a slightly different viewpoint or opinion or it’s made you re-access what you are currently doing with your business – than I’ve at least scratched the surface of what I’d like to accomplish in my own business!

First, it’s important to consider exactly why niche marketing is such a great approach to doing business. A number of old adages apply here. Stick to what you know is the most significant and the most direct. When you do something you know, whether it’s playing a particular sport, studying a particular subject, practicing a particular profession, or, yes, running a particular business, you are much better off when whatever you’re doing is a reflection of something you are genuinely interested in.

So you’re thinking . . . aren’t my chances of making money online gone or simply not worth it? Aren’t there tons of people making money selling “make money online” products?

Sure there are – and the competition in the market is thunderous!!

However, there has always been and will always be another type of market to concentrate on – yep, the Niche Market!

Right now if you haven’t been holded up in a cave for a year or so, the term niche marketing has hit online websites like there is no tomorrow. Everywhere you turn it seems niche this, niche that!

But if you are a bit more aware of what’s behind all the ‘talk’ and ‘fluff’, you will have noticed that niche marketing has been around a long, long time!!

Just look at all the libraries and bookstores in the world – those are all niches – are they not!?

So your choice to get into niche marketing is wise for many, many reasons – the main reason is you’ll make profits in just about anything you choose and package properly.

Oh yeah – the financial benefits are insurmountable . . . !

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