How To Leverage Amazon’s Tools To Increase Sales

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Eric V. Van Der Hope

Eric’s Book Marketing Tip – #7

The world’s largest online retailer,, makes it possible for authors to connect directly with their audience through a variety of innovative tools. When these tools are used effectively, potential customers will find your Product/Book Detail Page. In the next couple marketing posts I’ll reveal these tools and explain how you can implement them into your marketing plan.

Here are the features you can exploit on Amazon that’ll help with your book getting the best visibility possible:

  1. Adding Book cover images
  2. Book Description
  3. From The Author
  4. Editorial Book Reviews
  5. Inside & Back Book Flap
  6. More About the Author
  7. Author Bibliography
  8. Amazon Best Seller Ranking
  9. Customer Reviews/Testimonials
  10. Tags
  11. Participation in “Customer Discussions”
  12. Creating Unlimited Listmania Lists
  13. Creating Unlimited Guides (a.k.a: So You’d Like to . . . Guides)
  14. Request “Search Inside the Book Program”
  15. Request Browse Paths
  16. Request Browse Categories (this benefits the “Look for Similar Items by Category”)
  17. Request Subject Categories (this benefits the “Look for Similar Items by Subject”)
  18. Add a video interview, book trailer or book signing video
  19. Your Author Profile Page (via your Product/Book Detail Page)
  20. Adding blog feeds to your Author Profile
  21. Adding your twitter feed to your Author Profile
  22. Book Extras – by adding the following via
    • Characters/People
    • Ridiculously Simplified Synopsis
    • Summary
    • Quotations
    • Settings & Location
    • Glossary
    • Organizations
    • Awards, Themes & Symbolism

In upcoming Marketing Minute posts I’ll explain how you can leverage all of of these tools that Amazon provides to increase your book sales.

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