Interview with Jamie Smart on Developing The Inner Self

Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 5 of the Virtual Blog Tour of author Jamie Smart whose book Clarity: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results is celebrating its big Amazon launch March 12th through March 31st, 2013 at

jamie-110x165JAMIE SMART is an internationally renowned writer, speaker, coach, trainer and consultant. Originally from Canada and now based in London, Jamie shows individuals and organizations the unexpected keys to clarity—the ultimate leverage point for creating more time, better decisions and meaningful results. Jamie is a gifted speaker, equally engaging in front of large audiences and more intimate groups. He’s passionate about helping individuals and businesses to deepen their understanding of Innate Thinking® and to create the results that matter to them. In addition to working with a handful of coaching clients and leading selected corporate programmes, Jamie runs professional development workshops for business leaders, trainers, coaches and consultants. He has appeared on Sky TV and on the BBC, as well as in numerous publications.

Yesterday, Jamie visited Morgana Rae at , where they talked about common misunderstandings, science behind intuition and bouncing back.

Today, I’d like to share with you a recent interview I had with Jamie when I got to ask him some questions on 8 “deep drivers” and information & time management. I hope you enjoy it.

Eric Van Der Hope: Could you explain what the 8 “deep drivers” behind leadership, business and entrepreneurial success are that you talk about in your book?

Jamie Smart: The 8 deep drivers are qualities everyone is born with, an expression of our “innate thinking”. They include:

  • Clarity: Peace of mind, insight and a close alignment with current reality.
  • Direction: A sense of purpose, motivation and direction.
  • Connection: The ability to connect with others and build strong relationships.
  • Resilience: The source of persistence, agility and mental toughness.
  • Intuition: An inner source of wisdom, guidance and gut feel.
  • Creativity: The source of innovation, solutions and fresh new approaches.
  • Authenticity: Being true to yourself.
  • Presence: Present, aware and available to the moment.

These deep drivers are the source of most of the “leadership attributes” that people work so hard to try and develop. But the deep drivers aren’t qualities you need to “work on”; they’re who we already are when there’s nothing in the way. And the only thing that ever gets in the way is what I call “superstitious thinking”, misperceptions that give rise to feelings of insecurity, worry, stress, anxiety and the like. As people wake up from their superstitious thinking, the deep drivers are revealed, and their entrepreneurial / leadership attributes emerge.

Clarity Leadership Attributes

Eric Van Der Hope: All of us have experienced “information overload” in one way or another, could you share with us what can be done to reduce this?

Jamie Smart: Strange as it may seem, the experience of “information overload” doesn’t come from consuming too much information; it comes from your thinking. If you take a group of people and have them each consume the same amount of information, some will be fine with it while others will be stressed and overwhelmed. 100% of their feelings of stress and overwhelm are coming from their thinking in the moment.

This is the result of a simple misunderstanding. We’re always feeling our thinking, moment to moment, but it often looks like we’re feeling something other than our thinking (Eg. How much work I have to do, how many emails I have to answer, how much stuff is on my to do list). The moment you realise that you’re feeling your thinking (NOT the stuff that seems to be stressing you), it’s a sign that your mind’s self-correcting system has kicked in, and you’re on your way back to clarity.

Eric Van Der Hope: There are only 7 days in a week and 24 hours in a day, can you suggest a method or methods to get more accomplished in such a limited amount of time?

Jamie Smart: When they first start learning about innate thinking and the inside-out nature of the human experience, two of the things that regularly amaze my clients is a) how much more time they seem to have, and b) how much more productive they are. When I ask them why they think that is, they typically come up with the same 3 answers:

  1. They’re not wasting so much time stuck in superstitious, outside-in thinking, so they’re more available to the tasks at hand.
  2. They’re trusting their wisdom more, making better decisions more of the time.
  3. They’re taking more action, and because they’re not so caught up in their thinking, their standards of performance are higher.

The outside-in misunderstanding is the mistaken belief that we’re feeling something other than our thinking, moment to moment. This is a superstition, like the flat earth, or the 19th century notion that diseases were caused by bad smells. As you increase your understanding of innate thinking, you start seeing through this superstition and experiencing higher levels of productivity, engagement and fulfilment.

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Jamie Smart and that you’ll check out his book:


Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results

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