Meet me at JV Alert Live – San Diego!

Ken McArthur

Ken McArthur

It’s Time . . . ! I’d like to invite you to join/meet me at Ken McArthur’s JV Alert Live #JVAL in San Diego – this weekend! 🙂

Many of you guys probably already read my post from last month . . . so this is simply a reminder.

For those of my friends who missed it – feel free to read my blog on the details. This is a great opportunity to meet/network in order to collaborate on future projects.

What’s cool is that Ken is allowing his attendees to ‘give away’ 2 free tickets to attend his event – so I’m giving away tickets to the first 2 friends that wish to attend. If you think you can be there, keep reading and I’ll reveal how you can get your tickets for free . . .

So what’s it all about?

It’s an event being held in San Diego on September 28th – September 30th, 2012, at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina.

  • Meet and network with some of the most successful Internet entrepreneurs in the world.
  • Discover the latest real-world, cash-in-your-hand marketing strategies, and make your business exponentially profitable!

Plus experience . . .

  • Top-Level Speakers
  • Thousands of Dollars in Gifts
  • Bonus Packed Lunch Series
  • Exclusive Expert Super Panel
  • and Get Two FREE Tickets!

This event will be Less “Tell.” More “Show” & No theories.

Ken will show you the power of joint ventures, and prove it to you, as you watch him do it in front of your eyes!

At JVAlert Live, world-class speakers will show you the strategies most people don’t know about.

Things like . . .

  1. The fastest, easiest and most affordable ways to capture, convert and close new customers with the latest video, online, social media and mobile marketing
  2. How to write powerful prose that gets you more clicks, more subscribers, and more sales, using this secret “persuasion equation”
  3. How any small business owner, entrepreneur, author, expert, speaker, consultant or coach can use this system to grow a business and list quickly, easily and affordably
  4. The two “games” you must master if you have any hope at all of business success – and how to go about it
  5. Lead generation, follow up and sales automation
  6. How to get paid 10 times more for whatever it is you do right now (Even if you don’t believe it’s possible!)
  7. How to capture 50-85% of all the names and emails in an audience instantly
  8. The single most powerful word you can use in your marketing copy, that boosts sales like crazy (and no, it’s not “free” or “new”!)
  9. An online marketing plan to get buzz, get traffic, build a list & make money IMMEDIATELY
  10. The proven tactic that renders your competitors . . . irrelevant (when you start using this tactic, don’t be surprised by the sudden increase in business!)
  11. How to get positioned, get ranked and get seen in the search engines
  12. How Mobile plus QR Codes Can Increase Sales
  13. A surefire way to establish yourself as an expert & authority on ANY topic o How one customer lost his job, moved his entire family, started his online marketing business and closed his first $5,000 client in only FIVE DAYS – with no list! . . .
  14. . . . and how that same customer upgraded 14 days later and paid him $15,000 + 2% of his GROSS REVENUE
  15. And MUCH more!

And that’s just the tiniest sample of what’s in store for you when you show up at JVAlert!

Check out the complete list of world-class speakers and it’s obvious – this will be an incredible, eye-opening, profit-generating experience:

Mike Koenigs Dave VanHoose
Adam Urbanski Ray Edwards
John Di Lemme Debbie Bermont
Daven Michaels Frank Sousa
Larry Loik Nicole Munoz
Bryan Dulaney Robert Plank
Anita Cohen-Williams Jason “Wally Waldron
Jason Myers Sharyn Abbott
Sean Wander Michael Krisa
Debbie Allen Dan Safkow
Greg Writer Morgana Rae

You’ll learn techniques and strategies you’ll never hear anywhere else but at this event.

Let the Experts Reality Check Your Best Ideas . . . and build instant Joint Venture Partners for your next product launch!

That’s exactly what the JV Alert Live “Hot Seat” presentations are all about.

Your project can be the focus for a jam-packed room full of potential top-level joint venture partners and new friends.

Listen in as the panel of experts takes attendees latest and greatest ideas and put them through the “reality check.”

If you want to make a significant amount of money on the Internet, you can’t do it with get rich quick schemes, quick fixes and zero effort, but you can do it with a well thought out idea, lots of work and some help from some of the best minds in Internet marketing.

Now all you need to do is come up with the great idea!

Don’t worry, even if you’ve never thought up an original idea in your life, you can still get some great ones by taking part in this event.

Imagine a team of Internet Marketing Experts working with YOUR next great idea!

There will be a panel of top-level Internet Marketing specialists standing by to share their most cherished techniques and secrets with you!

Here’s The Way It Works . . .

  • When you come to JVAlert Live you are given the opportunity to apply to be on the “Hot Seat.”
  • Our panel selects the best ideas and those ideas are assigned a spot on the “Hot Seat” schedule.
  • The presenter of the idea prepares a 15 minute presentation to pitch their idea to the “Hot Seat” panel of experts and all of the people who attend this JVAlert Live event. Then the fun begins . . .
  • You get to listen in as our panel helps the person on the “hot seat” with ideas from the best minds in the business and land potential partners on the spot.
  • You KNOW you are going to pick-up some great ideas from this series whether you are in the “Hot Seat” or comfortably watching from the sidelines as these top-level professionals show you exactly (and specifically) how to take a starting idea and turn it into REAL money.
  • This event is specific to teaching you how to market your ideas, products and services successfully through powerful joint ventures.
  • Ken will show you the proof, as he will create joint ventures in front of your eyes.
  • Then Ken will help you get those crucial partners working for you!

When you attend the event in San Diego, Ken will PERSONALLY introduce you to some of the most powerful and brilliant minds in marketing and change your life!

Make this the moment that moves you from overwhelm to your most compelling destiny!

‘Listen-in’ and sign up to the event (instructions on how to get your free ticket will be emailed to you) and if you happen to miss out on getting the free tickets, you’ll notice Ken has dramatically decreased the cost to attend this year!

Here is the link:

I sincerely hope to see many of you there! 🙂


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