Building a profitable business from your hobby, passion or expertise

Mini-Niche eCourse: Lesson #6

By Eric V. Van Der Hope
Copyright (c) 2008

Your success will improve dramatically if you complete the final step. Unfortunately most people tend to forget or completely ignore this essential step.

Once you have your first business model set up and you are making some money, all you need to do is repeat the process – completing the same steps you took with the previous model.

By duplicating a successful model, you can repeat the process and enter another market or try another niche. In other words, expand on your success by repeating a successful model.

By duplicating your successful model and putting your business on autopilot, you are setting yourself up to creating multiple streams of income!

That should be your ultimate goal. Having multiple streams of income will ensure that you are maximizing your profits.

The advantage of having multiple incomes is that if one of your income streams slows down, you’ll still have others that’ll continue to produce a profit. Also, by learning this process you can duplicate your success, assuming your first model worked!

Each of the steps I’ve covered throughout this eCourse requires that you actually follow through with them, no action = no results! You have to methodically follow each of the steps to ensure your success.

Will these steps that I’ve laid out and presented to you be enough for your success . . . ? Not necessarily.


Your success depends on your skill-set, in addition to the steps I’ve reviewed with you, as well as your desire to continually educate yourself with the proper resources and knowledge.

All successful business owners, no matter what kind of educational background or lack thereof, or whether they grew up less fortunate than others, or whether they grew up with a ‘silver spoon’ in their mouth, did everything in their power to learn the proper skills necessary to operate and manage their business.

Every business, whether offline or online, requires the proper tools to operate successfully. This means that it’s absolutely essential to invest in the proper resources and be willing to educate yourself.

Hopefully, you will use these lessons as a foundation for your education by taking action on the process I’ve discussed – using the resources, the tools, and the suggestions or by simply ‘filling in’ the blanks where you feel is necessary – within your own business plan!

These lessons will help you with the foundation of your business, but you can learn considerably more by reading my book at: If you are ready to get serious by taking your business or idea to the next level, this’ll be right up your alley!

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