Niche Insights #3 – Internet Making Tremendous Impact on Niche Marketing

Believe it or not, as I mentioned before, the notion of niche marketing is fairly old but it is gaining new significance in the world thanks largely to the development of electronic commerce (e-Commerce) via the internet.

Think for a moment about what the internet is allowing the modern world to do and you can immediately begin to see the connection to niche marketing.

Actually, you don’t have to run a business online to be a successful niche marketer; however – these days, running a business online is not only easy, it tends to be pretty cost-effective as well!

The internet opens up the whole world!

People in Europe can connect instantly with people in the United States, Australia, Africa, Asia. Virtually anywhere, with anyone, so long as there is an internet connection and some kind of console, such as a computer or even a mobile cell phone or PDA system that allows an internet hook-up.

By bringing people together like this, the internet effectively tears down or negates the geographical borders between individuals around the world.

Someone interested in Star Wars and who lives in Asia can connect in seconds to someone else with the same interests virtually anywhere in the world!

Everyone is unique, with their own unique set of needs and interests, but the internet, in particular, makes specialist knowledge more accessible to individuals in general.

It also draws together existing niche markets, people with special interests, and provides businesses with a means of reaching significant numbers without having to spread their business out over a large area.

At the end of the day, niche marketing is about targeting. The internet makes the target market larger, more accessible, but the principles are the same whether you are developing a niche market business online or offline.

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