What’s Love Got To Do With It? (money, that is…)

Financial Alchemy

Financial Alchemy

These days, everyone seems to be talking about money. We hear about it on the nightly news. We read about it in the newspapers. We see people sharing their thoughts about money on Facebook, and it’s a frequent topic of conversation when people get together.

But the common thread in many (if not most) of our money discussions is that they all tend to be NEGATIVE! It seems these days we’re not just talking about money—we’re complaining about it. We’re worrying about it. We’re afraid of it. But worst of all, many of us use money as an excuse for delaying our happiness and personal fulfillment.

But not everyone sees money through the eyes of anxiety and fear. My colleague, Morgana Rae, is the author of a new book called Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation. Morgana believes money is the number one excuse for people not living their dreams. She believes we turn money into “the” big obstacle in our lives. She believes that too many of us think that money has to be addressed FIRST before we can get what we want or be who we want to be. Morgana has had first-hand experience of overcoming this kind of self-defeating attitude. Ten years ago she was struggling to make a mere $100 a month. But these days she makes $100,000 a month and speaks on major media outlets all over the world. She was even featured in the Wall Street Journal Online.

Back in 2002, Morgana realized that the reason so many people struggle with money is that they endow it with negative energy. She noticed that people who struggle with money had personal “money monsters” that made money seem like a big, bad, evil opponent. That’s when she made her big breakthrough and developed a new coaching process that helps people see money as a PERSON – a wonderful, loving life-partner who is devoted to us, works with us and desires our every happiness. She could see that the key to moving from being a money worrywart to a financial alchemist was to love money as a living, breathing, nurturing, supportive person.

And so Morgana discovered the missing money link—LOVE!

Morgana also realized that LOVE was the missing ingredient in “The Law of Attraction” (LOA). So many people tried to apply LOA after watching the film The Secret, but because LOVE was missing from this formula, they rarely attained the financial results they sought. Only by establishing our love connection (with money AND ourselves) can we bring magic and manifestation into our lives.

So what’s LOVE got to do with MONEY?

So now, how can we “fall in love” and bring true alchemical magic into our own lives? To start you on your way, Morgana and I would like to invite you to a FR*EE online event . . .

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Morgana’s 3-Day Telesummit on “Money, Love & Magic” featuring 10 International Speakers

Teleseminar Speakers

The Featured Teleseminar Speakers

Money, Love & Magic Telesummit
January 15th – 17th, 2013
12noon Pacific; 3pm Eastern; 8pm UK

A 3-Day Telesummit
where Morgana and 10 international speakers
will share their alchemical secrets on how to make money by putting love first.

Register FREE for this event at:

If you cannot make the live broadcast, register anyway so you can listen to the audio replay.

This special telesummit is Morgana’s gift to you to celebrate the launch of her book Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation coming Wednesday January 23rd, 2013. When you attend the telesummit, Morgana will tell you more about the book, and how you can receive DOZENS of beautiful bonus gifts from her friends and colleagues, including one from me – Niche Sourcing: An *Exclusive* Supplemental to The Niche Sourcing Blueprint. It provides critical information needed for business. Learn it – then USE IT! 🙂

You can read all about the book and the gifts at:

I’m so pleased to be able to help spread the word about Morgana’s work—and her new book. I do hope you’ll register for the Money, Love & Magic Telesummit and then check out Financial Alchemy (and the bonus gifts) on January 23rd.


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