World’s Top Authors Reveal Their Secrets

Author101 - Eric V. Van Der HopeAuthor101 University is coming to Los Angeles on March 1 – 4.

–>> I’m going to be there . . . how about you??

So what’s special about it?

Imagine a gathering of some of world’s most sought after marketing and publishing experts ready to give you the “keys to the kingdom” to:

  • Getting your book published
  • Selling your book to a publisher
  • Promoting yourself using low-cost means online to catapult your sales & exposure
  • Make your book a bestseller
  • Transforming your business into a mega success

Listen and learn to some of the top book publishing and marketing experts in the book industry today. They’ll reveal tools and techniques that will get your book published and double or triple your income as an author or publisher.

But this program isn’t just for established or aspiring authors but for inspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, speakers, and just about anyone else looking to meet and learn directly from some of the bestselling authors and experts of our time.

Some of the speakers will include . . .

  • RICK FRISHMAN – Public Relations Expert and Best Selling Author
  • BRENDON BURCHARD – Author of The Millionaire Messenger
  • ALEX CARROLL – Best Selling Author, Radio Interview Expert
  • TOM ANTION – Internet Marketing Expert
  • DAVID HANCOCK – Morgan James Publishing
  • CRAIG DUSWALT – Professional RockStar Speaker and Author
  • BRUCE BARBOUR – Literary Agent & Publishing Consultant
  • PETER HOPPENFELD – Attorney to best and brightest
  • GARY GOLDSTEIN – Celebrated Hollywood film producer
  • JIM KWIK – Memory Expert and Internet Marketing Strategist
  • URSULA MENJTES – Founder of Sales Coach Now
  • SCOTT HOFFMAN – Folio Literary Management
  • . . . and many more

There will also be many AGENTS, EDITORS, AND PUBLISHERS on special panels looking to meet you and willing to share their coveted industry secrets.

If you’d like to learn more about this exciting educational opportunity, read about it here:

So make plans to attend this event . . . because you’ll learn very specific tactics, insights, advice and tools from some of the very best, who are very good at what they do!

I sincerely hope to see you there! 🙂

A Testimonial from an Attendee:

“I was incredibly impressed with the Author 101 Seminar. It was very well organized and the speakers were all exceptional, each with a unique insight into the world of marketing, a world in which I was nervous and a little shy to enter but which I am now eager to plunge head first! You yourself, Rick, were exceptionally warm, dynamic and inspiring. You convinced me (and I believe everyone else at the seminar) that with the right work ethic (which I have) and the right tools (which you and the other speakers presented us) we could get our stories, ideas and messages to the people who matter!

Brendon Burchard was also hugely inspiring. He blew the lid off the whole marketing box for me. The price and time spent at the seminar was worth it to hear Brendon speak alone (without taking anything away from the contributions of all the other great speakers). The next few days after the seminar I woke from vivid dreams about great marketing strategies for circus based projects using his basic structure. You don’t get much more inspiring than that!”

– Mike Brown

Eric is a #1 International Bestselling Author, Ghost Publisher & Book Marketing Coach. He helps struggling content creators navigate the often-confusing publishing and book marketing process and shortens the time it takes to become a published author. More specifically, Eric helps writers, bloggers & authors find their tribe, build their platform, share their message & make a difference by transforming their message into a bestselling book. Hundreds of authors have benefited from his advice by publishing their own books successfully.

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